Biography & Art Statement

Magdolna Rubin was born in Hungary. She moved to Switzerland in 1956 to escape the Soviet crush during the Hungarian Revolution. Later, she received the Swiss citizenship. She worked as an architect in Switzerland for a number of years until she decided to devote herself entirely to her artistic creations.

In her approach to geometry, Magdolna Rubin reveals a unique sense of space from her two-dimensional compositions shaped from corrugated cardboard. In relating the virgin or pressed areas of cardboard, she uses the interplay of light with the ridges and grooves of her medium to create subtle or deep shadows shaping her creations.


Among her creations, the following categories can be distinguished:



  • Magdolna Rubin is pursuing a life-long research on geometrical forms and abstractions

  • Among other techniques, she is using recycled corrugated cardboard to bring out life from a utilitarian item. The relationship between pressed and virgin areas of the cardboard surface creates an interplay of shadows and light. Various pigments further enhance the depth of the image.



  • Swiss Cross installation at the Fribourg train station representing the diversification of cultures in modern Switzerland. Each of 9 cases within the 6-foot tall installation was filled with brown or yellow-faced plastic gnomes. Gnomes are a favorite garden display item in Switzerland


Magdolna Rubin is a co-member of the VISARTE Visual Arts Association, Switzerland